Refuelling Services

Static and Mobile Refuelling Solutions

Single and multiple storage tank refuelling management service

AES is able to provide a fully managed refuelling system for companies who operate their own storage whether from a single location or multiple locations.

The system uses the AVR technology unique to the UK wherby each authorised vehicle is fitted with a chip and coil and refuels from the single tank or any tank within the business.

The transactions are downloaded in real time and provide data for each fuel transaction. There are no keys or tags which makes the system totally secure.

Additional management information can be provided with the fitting of the  data pass technology which offers mileages, hours and emissions data and vehicle performance reports for exception reporting and analysis.


Mobile refuelling service

AES provides a mobile refuelling service taking the tanker to the customers vehicles.

This is particularly cost effective where vehicle fleets are parked for any length of time which allows the fleet to be refuelled where they are parked. The tanker is fitted with the unique AVR system which connects to the vehicle being refuelled by means of the chip and coil. The transaction is recorded in real time as with the home based storage refuelling system.

The fleet is then ready and waiting refuelled for the next shift.


Static storage refuelling service

AES management services provide a refuelling service from home based static refuelling facilities.

These facilities are usually operated using a fully bunded storage tank and one or more pumps and fitted with the unique AVR ( automatic vehicle recognition) system.
This is a web based fully automated management system using the unique chip and coil technology to provide a secure – no cards or keys refuelling service.

All  transactions are downloaded in real time so immediately available to the customer.

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