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Fuel Management Services

Airport Energy Services provide a comprehensive integrated refuelling and fuel management service. Using cutting edge technology we can offer a range of services from fuel supply at unmanned static refuelling facilities to a fully managed mobile refuelling service for fleet operators.

FuelOmat AVR (Automatic Vehicle Recognition System)

One of the major developments in refuelling technology in recent years and unique to the UK and only supplied by AES is an automatic vehicle recognition system called FuelOmat. This vehicle refuelling system is used extensively on UK airports whereby both the customers and the airport authorities can monitor fuel use by vehicle and thus able to measure emissions levels to meet EU air quality standards.

The system uses a unique chip and coil fitted to each vehicle around the filler neck. A transaction can only take place if the vehicle ID is recognised which provides a totally secure transaction. The transaction data is downloaded immediately to the host server. From this data reports can be generated to provide a detailed fleet analysis of fuel usage.

Static Site Management Service

One of the services AES provides is the management of static refuelling facilities on major projects. At the airports currently we operate several unmanned facilities using state of the art wireless technology which is totally secure and transmits each vehicle fuel transaction as it happens. The FuelOmat system is a proven technology and trusted by all customers as it provides a totally secure and accurate fuel management system.

Fuel Pricing Controls

With fuel prices fluctuating on a day to day basis and reaching previously unprecedented levels it has become a major cost to companies which needs to be very closely controlled. AES is able to offer a managed solution to monitor fuel usage by vehicle in detail.

Mobile Refuelling Service

We believe that by having fuel delivered to the vehicles in a fleet at a predetermined time when all vehicles in a fleet are not working is extremely cost effective and removes the need for storage of very expensive fuel. The mobile refuelling service is being seen by many companies as a way of reducing overhead costs.

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