Environmental Responsibility – AE Services

Caring for our surroundings

Airport Energy and Airport Energy Services (to be further known as the company) seeks to be a respectful custodian of the environment whilst carrying out our business activities, by reducing our negative impacts on the environment. Our commitment to maintaining an Environmental Management aids our dedication to best practice and continual improvement in all aspects of our work and of the environment we work in. The company aims to demonstrate to our employees, partners and other stakeholders our commitment to the environment by promoting environmentally responsible practices and incorporating sustainable principles into our work.

We take utmost care to maintain a climate of excellence placing due importance on the way in which we operate our service – and on the welfare of our team and our customers.

To help us minimise the environmental impact of our operation and exceed all regulatory requirements, we have an environmental policy in place. Through this policy, we aim to ensure health and safety for all and the cleanest possible working and delivery environment. Therefore we are actively helping to reduce harmful emissions by only supplying the highest quality Bio Fuels.

Our Environmental Policy

  • Develop an awareness and understanding with our employees, partners and other stakeholders of the many interactions between the company‚Äôs operations and the environment.
  • Maintain a healthy working environment for all our employees, partners and other stakeholders.
  • Prevent the incidence of pollution and minimise impacts to land, air and water
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements to which the company subscribes.
  • Achieve continual improvements in our overall environmental performance
  • Reduce quantities of waste disposed to landfill by reducing the amount produced, reusing where possible and recycling that which cannot be reused.
  • Reduce the amount of hazardous waste we produce
  • Reduce the amount of energy we use through good management, training and informed purchasing practices and decisions.
  • Reduce vehicle emissions generated by our business activities by monitoring the types of vehicles and machinery we purchase, proactive vehicle and machinery maintenance and by efficient work scheduling.


Our Environmental Strategy

  • Set clearly defined objectives and targets addressing our environmental issues.
  • Demonstrate continual improvement in our management of these environmental issues taking account of environmental issues in our commercial decision making.
  • Work constructively with organisations concerned for the environment
  • Promote our environmental activities with our staff, partners and other stakeholders and improving awareness of our environmental agenda
  • Comply with the legislation, regulations and codes of best practice aimed at protecting and improving the environment
  • Provide support and advice to staff, suppliers and other stakeholders on environmental matters, relating to our operations and ensuring that all staff and subcontractors will be made aware of this policy and associated procedures concerning our impact on the environment, and monitoring, auditing and reviewing our performance, including an annual review of this policy.


Health & Safety

Airport Energy is fully committed to continuous improvement established in its HSE policies and implementing and acting upon Health Safety and Environmental legislation changes. It is the responsibility of all our employees and contractors to carry out their work efficiently without comprimising Health and Safety.