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Airport Energy Services offers UK airport and airport users an integrated service for the supply, storage and distribution of fuels used by ground service equipment (GSE).

Using cutting edge technology, we can offer a range of services both airside and landside from simple fuel supply at one of our unmanned fuelling points through to a mobile refuelling service. Airport Energy Services can also support you by offering environmental consultancy, helping to ensure your full compliance with the complexities of regulatory and environmental requirements of fuel supply in your area.

We can collaborate on an integrated approach which offers you the opportunity to become more efficient in the use of transportation fuels and can help you become more effective in your management of fuel costs.

The beauty of Airport Energy Services is the simplicity:

  • A complete fuel management service, supply and reporting information
  • Overall cost reductions –administration, fuel cost, security, manpower
  • Fleet management information
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Risk reduction – no environmental exposure to stored fuels
  • No more fuel cards, tags or keys to worry about.
  • GSE’s fitted with the low-cost pre-programmed VRS (Vehicle Recognition System) device
  • Recognition of the type of fuel used


When the GSE visits the fuelling station or is visited by one of our mobile refuelling tankers, the information will be automatically recognised by the technology stored in the chip held securely around the filler neck of your vehicle. This provides a range of benefits:

  • A fully managed fuelling service – supply, delivered, managed
  • Overall cost reductions, administration, reconciliation of accounts, fuel costs, security and manpower
  • Fleet Management  information
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Risk reduction, no environmental exposure to stored fuel , reduced fuel leakage
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