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New Snowbase Site at LHR

Earlier this year Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) approached Airport Energy Ltd (AE) to install a new fuelling facility on the airport as part of an innovative facility specifically  for the specialist vehicles the Airport operates in the winter months.

LHR operates a range of specialist vehicles such as snow ploughs, sweepers and De-Icers. An extensive amount of research has been undertaken to ensure that the facility is fully up to specification and meets the requirements for all the fleet, to ensure disruption due to weather is kept at an absolute minimum.

Since 2010 HAL have significantly revised the operations at LHR in the scenario of bad weather including snow fall. Spending over £37 million on new vehicles, equipment, storage, facilities, IT including CCTV and Operations/People, it is now one of the leading Airports in being prepared for snow.

Craig Heggie, Operations Manager for AE, took charge of this project enabling a fully comprehensive fuel site including 22 pumps consisting of Gas Oil, Diesel and Adblue.

AE have now fitted 3 fuel tanks including pipework for 22 pumps, all fully functional and now operational. The site is still undergoing some reconstruction of buildings however once finished will be a model facility which inevitably will be the aspiration for others around the world.