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AE Telematics – Fuelling the future

Over the past 12 months AE Telematics a division of Airport Energy have integrated a Telematics system with our complete fuel solution data system to create a unique end to end fuel and fleet management suite. Further to this development we would like to introduce this to our new and current clients.

Fuel Management Solutions

Our Fuel management solution provides you with automated fuelling of your vehicles from your fuel depots, giving you the security that only your vehicles are refuelling as only vehicles registered to the system can take fuel. The major benefits we have found in using this system are:

  • Reduction in fuel losses to unauthorised users.
  • Vehicle by vehicle reporting of fuel
  • Unique programmed chip so only that vehicle can take fuel giving added security from theft of fuel
  • No fuel cards, fuel keys or tags required
  • No Cross fuelling on diesel, gas-oil and petrol
  • Web based billing – individual portal for own account data.

Fuel and Fleet Telematics

From simple vehicle tracking to complex driver behaviour analysis linking telematics to your fuel management solution means not a single drop of fuel need be wasted. These are just a few examples of data that can be programmed – but the options are limitless.

  • Pointless idling – this can cost up to 1 litre per hour per vehicle.
  • Harsh acceleration – putting 10% economy back into the fleet.
  • Analysis of driver behaviour
  • Servicing analysis – keeps vehicles at the top of their fuel efficiency.
  • Routing management / mileage analysis / Exception event analysis.
  • Vehicle utilisation data/ emissions/refuelling limits.